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MODERNTECH is committed to provide you the most comprehensive, fast and highly efficient IT services. We offer our customers a reliable nationwide support that enables us to be there wherever you need us. Our unmatched geographical reach and technical expertise allow you to respond quickly to IT issues, without having to put in place a technical staff and increase company overheads. We provide multi-location support in order to ensure timely delivery of projects and minimize operational delays.

From our base in San Pedro, Laguna our products and services have reached METRO MANILA AREA, REGION III, CAR, REGION IV-A, REGION V, REGION VI, REGION VII, REGION XI, REGION XII, and aiming to be a nationwide service provider to reach out all clients.

MODERNTECH has expanded to take on board all technical support challenges and continues to provide more efficient, cost-effective and complete solutions for corporations. With the constantly changing nature of technological growth and development, it is our responsibility to be updated with the latest technological advancement to provide our clients the solution possible.

Our process

1. Contact Us or Carry In

You may call or visit us in our office at any time convenient for you. Our consultant will record the cause of failure of the device, your contact details, and direct you to our skilled IT Support Specialist and Field Engineers.

2. Arrival and diagnosis

After the diagnosis on the device. Depending on the complexity of the repair, we will make repairs on the spot or take away the device in the workshop.

3. Repair

With our skilled Field Engineers. We carefully repair the device with the replacement of parts only of the original production. You can not worry about the integrity of the data on the device.

4. Quick Return

After a repair is completed our consultant will contact you and specify pickup time. We provide 3 months warranty for the repaired units Thank you.

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